Time Management Module

Allows for a better time management for your works



Time Management module allows you to record how much time is spent for which works and projects by all of the managers and employees in your business. Thus, it is possible to determine at what rate one of the most important cost items of your enterprise, labor force was spent for which works, projects and areas of activity.

In many enterprises, cost analyses of the activities performed are based on only financial data. Traditional accounting software which are already used allow for only recording and analyzing the financial data. Calculations in which such software are used cannot go beyond reviewing the profit margin of the products bought or sold. Although the time spent for the works related to these activities is a crucial cost factor, it may cause unseen losses in some cases

With iWorkbetter Time Management Module;

Reports about daily reports can be entered to a single screen very easily.

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With iWorkbetter Time Management Module;

Planning about the works to be performed can be made smoothly.

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Opportunities of Time Management Program


All employees can enter very easy-to-use daily timetables to web-based system in a few minutes with internet access, thus you can track labor cost arising from all of your operations instantly.

Summary and Planning of Timetable

With Time Management module, the realization rates of the project processes labor planning of which were made before can be tracked instantly. Thus, the delays and hitches experienced can be noticed instantly. The required decisions and measures can be taken and the required interventions can be performed without delay, therefore the works cannot get out of control.

Features of iWorkbetter Time Management Module


  Summary of Timetable

  Planning of Timetable 

  Weekly Time Plan

  Manpower Report