Electricity of Turkey undergoes domestic and national ERP iWorkbetter.

TEİAŞ – a success story

 Safety is the first and foremost thing for us. 
We do not know what the codes of software we bought contain. I question data security. 
There is also economic dimension as well as information security. As public institutions, we should support domestic software to prevent our resources from flowing out and even export software. We should solve such issues by ourselves. Turkish engineers should demonstrate that they can sustain it. 
We saw and experienced.




A Success Story
Interview with Cüneyt Çifter

TEİAŞ took a step to the popular subject of recent times, digital transformation with iWorkBetter. TEİAŞ which is obliged to run Electricity System of Turkey at international standards and in a qualified, economical and reliable way and constantly evolves as operating Turkey's electricity, started to develop next generation software with iWorkBetter.

We asked details of these projects to Cüneyt ÇİFTER, Deputy Manager of Information Processing in TEİAŞ.

Why did you need such transformation in TEİAŞ? How did digital transformation adventure begin?

We have multiple reasons for entering this transformation process. We started to completely renew our software and technology infrastructure with which we manage all of our operational processes. Technologies of the existing programs have begun to fall behind today's conditions. There are disconnections in the institution due to use of numerous different programs. We manage an interconnected large organization and our goal is to upgrade this organization to a single platform with higher technology.
We started to write a program in which the employees who can manage the simplest processes or who can manage the most complex processes will be able to use all fields based on their authority without having difficulty, and we will be able to minimize the training period using an advanced technology, namely source codes of iWorkBetter in the same system by means of similar screens and which cover all of our processes. Besides, a great success story lies behind writing and application of the programs. I am proud of this. We performed incredibly great works within a short period.

Can you please tell this success story briefly? What is done? How long did it take?

TEİAŞ plays a role in both system management and market management. Receiving proposals from energy generating companies and giving instructions of electricity distribution based on these proposals are under the responsibility of TEİAŞ. Now, we manage this process with DGPYS (Balancing Power Market Management System) program.

DGPYS is a software developed by EPİAŞ long time ago. Software was left at EPİAŞ after it was privatized. We started to develop our TPYS (TEİAŞ Market Management System) software on iWorkBetter Platform. Such projects are not small-size and many public institutions spend their years for these proejcts. For instance, DGPYS software was developed in almost three years. We finished TPYS in 9-10 months on iWorkBetter platform. We would initiate live use in April, but now, we work on the revisions because of several amendments in legislations.

Apart from these, we required a software called Operational Management System (OMS) with which we keep records of the posts and lines and the equipment of transformer station, namely fixture records. However main goal of OMS is to manage the maintenance and repairs of lines and transformer centers, to form logging of related failures and to enable operation team to troubleshoot by opening work orders of the failures. To issue reports based on these records at any time... We race against time with regard to this. Because we manage electricity of Turkey.

As I said, we achieved the impossible in Operational Management System. It was decided to write the program. We envisaged that it would last one year. World-renowned software companies stated that only analysis would last four months and it would be impossible to switch to live use before the end of six months. Our general manager instructed us to finish the process in two weeks.

Those who heard this said it would be a record in Turkey if it became real... We began to develop the software on iWorkBetter.

> On Day 10, inventory access of software was completed and introduced to country wide.

>We developed the processes of fault, maintenance and work orders as the regions entered the inventory records. We started to test with eight regions after one week. On day 30, we put it into use of all regions. Yes, it was a record in Turkey.
>iWorkBetter is a very strong software, so we completely switched to live mode with 4500 - 5000 users in a way that our general manager can report all of the maintenance, repair and failures and use the reports.

> Except this, we wrote several software to legal consultancy and Forest & Environment Expropriation. Now, we work on a program requested by our general manager with which all of 5-year plants and production&consumption values of installed power can be analyzed. We will finish it in a short time.

> We wrote an accounting program that is used in TEİAŞ now. Upon request of finance department, we develop a new finance module presently. We want to put e-invoice and e-archive modules into use. All of the public institutions should switch to e-archive system after 200 days. We will put e-invoice and e-archive modules into use within a month in the new system.
We perform all of these works on iWorkbetter platform.

Why did you prefer iWorkbetter for all these processes? What is its added value for you?

First and foremost, it is domestic and open source software. It is more secure due to being domestic and open source software. We have almost 20 computer engineers in TEİAŞ. We can develop it easily and rapidly under our control with our engineers. Its flexible structure enables the requirements of the processes in all types of institutions and enterprises to be met. Advanced technology, user friendly...

They are the main reasons of our preference.

iWorkBetter platform is not a closed book. It is a system which we continue to develop and respond only with our staff. Although we took the codes externally, our will is that each stage depends on us and all processes are under our control. Therefore we request the codes of open source software. Our goal is to stand on our own feet without depending on anybody.

We achieved this with iWorkBetter.

I am an engineer. I can say with my 18-year experience that iWorkBetter is a well-thought, well-designed and mature platform for developing business software. It has advantages such as ease of development, aesthetic screen interfaces and having open source code. Form templates, listing templates, grid templates, reporting, authorization, logging... Processes such as preparing these templates and showing the entered records on the lists are the most challenging and time consuming things for software developer. iWorkBetter solved such processes by itself, so we did not deal with them. We focused on the subjects such as how we can design better, how we offer better experience to users and how the processes should be better. Thus, we achieved to perform these challenging works in a short time.

In addition to its technology, it has add-ons that we create as a new project.

For example, file can be added to any field. Previously, they used to take photos of current transformers and failures in all regions using different methods. Now, it is uploaded to system directly. Receiving report and graphics from each grid, keeping logs, training, chat system... Above features and many features as well. We did not develop a different software for them. Thanks to iWorkBetter, we obtained these features automatically.
One of the important features is chat system... It seems as a minor feature when looked first. However, it is quite important for us. You know that TEİAŞ has a great field operation. Hence chat system was something that should be written, and we thought of writing as part of a new project. Contact with the regions was ensured by telephone in Operational Management System. Now, they communicate via this chat system. Thus, we eliminated telephone traffic. Words fly away, writings remain... We would write this system as a new project unless this add-on was present. Waste of sources and time. We started to use a readily-sent module.
In our meeting with regions, they mentioned the nice view and ease of screens and thanked us. With regard to feedbacks of users, I can say mind at peace that it is user friendly. This is evidenced that we entered 300,000 records in a week when we put Operational Management System into use. It is quite significant for us. We perform works against time.
Presence of such advantageous add-ons raise admiration. Despite being small points, they are crucial factors that enable the adoption of program.

What are the future projects of TEİAŞ? Where does iWorkbetter stand among these projects?

We have good future plans. About not only the existing software, but also newly-developed software. A new project may arise instantly.
For example, TEİAŞ requires a system as follows; our total installed power in Turkey based on plant, how much we generated this year, their monthly distribution, which provinces consumed how much per month, the most power generating province, how much was generated in which months and plants planned based on province in 2018... We want to see these

We talked to iWorkBetter. In week 1, we finished the software with which we can obtain such statistics. Even we prepared something that goes beyond the requested program and wrote the general infrastructure of statistics. We will be able to see the reports as well as receiving them. Namely, we will offer a program solution with which all statistics can be obtained. It will not cover a single subject.

You had mentioned that you first prefer the software due to being domestic which is much more important than technological advantages.
What do you think about domestic and national ERP?

Several sanctions are mentioned regarding performing all works from a single center. We should decide on what the base of this center will be. I think a domestic software should be preferred during organization process. The most important point to be underlined is "Domestic ERP."
Safety is the first and foremost thing for us. We do not know what the codes of software we bought contain. I question data security. There is also economic dimension as well as information security. As public institutions, we should support domestic software to prevent our resources from flowing out and even export software. We should solve such things by ourselves in a way that Turkish engineers should demonstrate that they can sustain it. We saw and experienced.
We should be able to develop our own software without needing anybody. The most suitable method for an institution is a software codes of which we can intervene and in which we know how the things in background run and we find our own solutions.

Do you want to add anything lastly?

In OMS and TPYS projects, we completed something that world-renowned software companies did not presume, with success. We continue to execute the remaining processes by keeping the line. We built a very strong system. Our general manager thanked us and communicated his admirations. This is our duty as software directorate. We go on smoothly. It is talked that we are one of the most favorite general directorates via the amenities of iWorkBetter.
We received the fruits of iWorkBetter platform, team and TEİAŞ staff who benefited from each other, with the appreciations of everyone. We supported each other considerably and accomplished. We defend every product which we benefit and at which we are successful. TEİAŞ is an institution taken as reference. This platform came of age in TEİAŞ. As TEİAŞ, we mention the success of our programs established on iWorkBetter platform.