Need-based solutions are offered on iWorkbetter business management platform

Your works are managed more efficiently with the inter-integrated modules

What is iWorkbetter?

iWorkbetter is a very user friendly web-based "business management platform" designed for all management and ERP needs of all kinds of enterprises. This platform enables the business, communication and cooperation operations between customers, suppliers and employees to be performed and managed within a single structure.

Why business management platform?

If resources and time cannot be used in an effective and efficient way, time-wise and financial control on the project are lost, it becomes difficult to manage the costs, disconnections are experienced in operational activities, timely responses are not given to possible mistakes and even the source of such mistakes cannot be analyzed properly. As a result of the above factors, customer dissatisfaction and accordingly, considerable losses of sales and prestige can be faced.

Several enterprises use a lot of various software and applications with distributed structure in order to solve similar problems. However these efforts go for nothing due to some problems such as that integrations between software are not generally well enough and each software has different terminology and interface. At this point, iWorkbetter offers an opportunity of complete company management with real-time business integrity that it provides.

What does iWorkbetter business management platform contain?

iWorkbetter business management platform contains web-based ERP software applications required at every stage of the activities of the company. The platform comprises numerous inter-integrated modules. Thus, you will be able to find the suitable solution for the needs of your company by choosing the modules in which you are interested as well as managing your company in a better and efficient manner on a single platform.

Do not leave your work to chance!

It is almost impossible to manage your works that you developed with a great effort by using plenty of software each of which is used for various purposes, as well as distributed and disconnected data. In particular, the importance of "efficiency" comes forward further in case of problematic periods such as crisis. The enterprises which succeed to use their resources more efficiently can survive more easily in these periods.

Why is iWorkbetter different from classical ERP software?

- Ease Of Use

One of the major problems that enterprises face regarding ERP software is complex structures of the software that were purchased bearing a significant cost, the inefficiencies arising from the oblivions in time and that they do not have a user-friendly interface adequately. Many enterprises in this situation either could not benefit from such experience software enough or tried multiple similar software in different periods and were obliged to bear higher costs.

iWorkbetter business management platform can be used conveniently by everyone after a short training due to its very straightforward screen type with a definite standard in all modules. Moreover, interactive assistance in the system eases period of adaptation to use considerably and such assistance can be accessed easily when necessary.

- Time Saving Feature

All of ERP software have this feature and promises business efficiency. On the other hand, it is mentioned that it is not possible access other data via the system without entering any data. This is right, but the complexities that may emerge in data access and repeating records which should be entered on many screens in different ways are not generally stated. In some cases, more significant losses of time can be experienced to duly use a software that you expect to save time. In consequence, a software that you expect to provide business efficiency creates more workload as well as costing much.

iWorkbetter business management platform is a software delicately designed especially for this subject. Data is usually accessed to system rapidly using single screens. Furthermore, the preferences such as which domains should exist and which domains should be filled necessarily belong to the enterprise. Thus, data access stops being a tough process for the employees. All modules run in an inter-integrated manner, so any record made exists automatically in the other domains and the employees who evade from entering records repetitively gain considerable time and accordingly, their business efficiency increases

- Approach Of Solution Partnership

Numerous ERP software providers and their solution partners who assume their training generally know the difficulty of software migration processes in enterprises. Moreover, they tend to complete the sales process in a way that minimum requirements of the enterprise agreed will be met in the shortest time. This situation prevents the enterprises which purchased software from using it for their needs actually in full capacity.

As iWorkbetter software group, we evaluate each company that heads for institutionalization by buying our software, as a separate project. What is important for us is completing each project successfully, not having established the system. Therefore we focus on your real needs and tell to what extent our software meets your needs during our interview with you. Apart from the solutions of the system, we consider your development needs and evaluate them reciprocatively.  As part of our after sales support service, you can contact us via live support in the system whenever you want.

- Updating Support

All of the updating processes of iWorkbetter that is improved continuously by including new features and modules are free for the first year.