Office Management Module

Enhances your business efficiency

Office Management Module

Enables you to work regularly and in a controlled way



 Office management module was designed to manage all of the basic works performed in office to be managed regularly and in a controlled way. It enables the information and records which are stored manually in various environments to be kept together and monitored. Besides, information can be communicated to the employees out of office with the integrated e-mail and SMS system independently of location. Office management software which prevents losses of time arising from work flows is the most important factor in formation of corporate memories.

With iWorkbetter office management module;

Manage incoming calls of your company more effectively as part of a modern structure.

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With iWorkbetter office management module;

You can manage all of your works through the calendar that exists dynamically in the system.

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With iWorkbetter office management module;

Plan your meetings more organizedly and record your details.

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With iWorkbetter office management module;

Ease the entrance of expenditures of your staff in the field to system.

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With iWorkbetter office management module;

Manage incoming calls of your company more effectively as part of a modern structure.

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Opportunities of Office Management Program

E-mail and Agenda Management

You can make all of your business correspondences via e-mail without exiting from iWorkbetter and enable your correspondence to be associated with the record it is related (firm, connection, contact, project and service). You have an ideal communication structure in which important details are not overlooked, by assigning tasks through incoming and outgoing e-mail messages.

The same thing applies to agenda as well. You ensure actual collaboration by saving all of your agenda data such as applications, meetings, visits and service in an environment where all of the related users can see them.

Thus, you won't need to leave Web-Based ERP platform, iWorkbetter that you use to manage all of your operations.

Task Management

Task Management is one of the most significant internal control mechanisms required by iWorkbetter business management platform.  It enables all of the managers and employees to assign tasks to each other and follow up each other at every phase of your corporate activities. Thus, it becomes possible to carry out works in a definite order of follow-up. Effective use of Task Management hinders forgetting, overlooking or ignoring the works.

The tasks assigned as part of Office Management are administrative and can be assigned independently of any contact, project or service. Task is assigned to the relevant user by stating a casual subject and entering a task description and solution date and time of the task envisaged. Users can assign the works they want to follow up, to themselves as special tasks. Tasks assigned can be communicated to relevant users via SMS or e-mail when requested or required.

Users can follow up the tasks displayed automatically on their screens easily, inform the assigner about the tasks they completed or reject the task according to circumstance. 

Assigned tasks can be closed finally only if the assigner enters actual solution date. In other words, relevant task is seen on the screens of the assigner and assigned users until the assigner is convinced that the task was fulfilled.

Meeting Management

You can organize and regularly monitor your internal meetings and the meetings that you will make with your customers or business partners. Instead of writing important notes on a paper and editing them, you can enter and save them directly in meeting notes of the system. Later, you can print the meeting record from domain of meeting decisions, get it signed and create tasks in the system based on the decisions. Thus, content of the meetings are included in the system instantly and it can be controlled which decisions of that meeting were performed or not performed as well, since the task and the meeting will be associated.

When you plan a meeting, you keep your calendar updated by transferring the related records to your agenda.

Expense Management

In numerous enterprises, especially the enterprises within which sales and service teams work either in multiple locations such as branch and site or in the field, monitoring the expenses and advance accounts creates significant workload. Expenses made may usually be recorded with delay. Getting the right calculations, monitoring the situation of expense items and performing budget and profit&loss controls are quite challenging.

Expense Management allows for the fulfillment of such troublesome and delayed works instantly and from anywhere, thereby providing ease and speed to your enterprise significantly. You can not only see the status of advance accounts instantly, but also follow up how much expense belong to which expense items.

The administrators of the users can approve these records or reject them when necessary. When documents are physically received by accounting department, it is sufficient to invoice the related expenses by comparing to the approved records and ensuring their processing to accounting records without the need for reentry in the system by the accounting officer.

Arrival and Leave of the Staff

A domain in which you can save the arriving and leaving hours and dates of the staff. Furthermore, you can issue report based on date or staff and make analysis.

Fixtures Debit Management

A domain where you can monitor to which employees the fixtures in your company were given. Moreover, to which employees a certain fixture was given in which time intervals are recorded, so you can see them as a report when necessary.

Call Management

It enables you to send the calls to screens of the managers and employees who are not in the office, within a modern structure rather than writing the incoming calls for them or notifying them via e-mail that cannot be controlled later. Additionally, it allows for informing the field employees about incoming calls via SMS or e-mail in urgent cases.

When field employees establish internet connection or return to office, they find all calls to be answered on their iWorkbetter screens. All they need is to make the relevant callbacks and to easily enter the interview information to the system.

Document Tracking

Enterprises may encounter problems about tracking received & sent documents (invoice, contract, valuable paper, and fax) and cargoes (domestic and international) because of their increasing work volume. One of the most common problems is the invoices which could not be sent to related department or person e.g. they are sent to sales department instead of service department.

Document Tracking management end such confusions. It enables you to track received and sent invoices, contracts, fax, cargoes and all kinds of documents that you want to track within a modern structure and faultlessly.

Thus, it becomes possible to store a scanned copy of a dispatch, for example scanned copy of an invoice sent by cargo, with complete record information, and even a scanned receipt of cargo together. In case of a disagreement with the company to which you sent invoice, your employees can open the relevant record, inform the other party duly and confirm them by checking based on the copies of the invoice and cargo receipt within seconds.

Besides, the relevant person can be informed automatically via e-mail when received documents or cargoes are recorded.

Employees and managers can make the necessary checks by issuing reports within any date range on the basis of the document type, sender company, recipient company, shipping company, received document and sent document. 


You can make announcements which will be valid for various time intervals, to your internal employees. Announcement of a newly-recruited employee, marriage or promotion of an employee, etc. Announcement module used for the purposes such as celebration or announcement of a decision that was taken internally, to employees provides you the necessary flexibility when you want only certain employees to see the module.

Visitor's Book

With the use of Visitor's Book, you can regularly keep a record of all visits made to your company and if necessary, you can review the details of the visit on date, company, visitor, visited person and subject of the visit retrospectively.

Besides, you can give information about the visit via e-mail and SMS before and after the visit and, you can also assign tasks if necessary.

Material Request Management

You can send your requests for the materials required for in-company use. This part has an approving mechanism, so you can record the information such as which staff requested what kind of material for which reason and when and who approved such request and when it was met, and review them when necessary.

Purchase Request Management

As part of the management of stock materials, the materials that went below the defined minimum level, or a certain amount of stocks required in a new project can be automatically turned into a purchase request in the system. However, in addition to these scenarios, you can make purchase request independently regardless of the conditions in this module.

Advance Request Management

A domain where your staff request advance and you can record how much it will cost and for which customer contact or project, to the system. The costs to be incurred can be matched with the advance here. Thus, it becomes easier for you to manage the remaining amount.

Leave Request Management

A domain in which you manage leave requests of your staff. Rights of the staff to annual leave are recorded in the system, so the system deducts approved leave requests from the rights to annual leave. Moreover, you can manage the other leaves such as unpaid leave and sick leave with this domain. When necessary, situation of the leaves can be reviewed generally by issuing report based on staff or date.

Features of iWorkbetter Office Management Module




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